Also in 2020 we offer our well appreciated Inspiration International Meeting

Last september, we announced that our Inspiration Meetings in 2020 will be offered in 3 different variations. Due to traveling and planning challenges, the International version of this meeting will take place in a two day setting. During these days, we present an inspiring, pleasant and educational program. Quality and your good sense wil be the most important characteristics.

During the past months, we worked hard to develop an interesting content. The result perfectly fits our goals and expectations of all our Inspiration Meetings:

"We want you to experience that conviction, formed from your inner self, accompanied with spirituality, can lead to a permanent, natural change within yourself and in your professional thinking and acting."

When ?

The meeting will be held on a Thursday and Friday in June or September 2020.

Your input en feedback are more than welcome!

In December we plan to inform you about the exact program on this website. This provides you with an insight in the benefits of the meeting for your personal situation.

We are planning to provide you with more practical information in January/February 2020. So if you have preferences on dates for June of September, please let us know.

The definitive information about date and place, hopefully fitting within your preferences, if provided, will be announced on this website.

More information or reservation of your attendance?

Do you have any questions or do you want to secure yourself of your attendance in this meeting? Let us know and contact us: By email: or call me at: +31 6 2395 0676.

We are looking forward to your positive reaction!