Program International Inspiration Meeting 2020

On 24 and 25 September 2020 we are more than happy to welcome you to a unique meeting.

"Discover whether your own personal beliefs move between a symbolic imagination or a modest realism, in the self-images of the old Dutch Masters."

This meeting will be held in Amsterdam and is hosted by Petra Schriek and Eric Godschalk.

About the program

With our program we want you to consciously experience that intrinsic convictions and beliefs, both formed from spirituality, can lead to a continuing and natural change of yourself as wel wel as your professional thinking and behaving. This is reflected in your spiritual and appreciative organizational context.

You bring in yourself as the working material. No dogmatic thinking and acting. Beliefs and convictions are examined in a dialogue and exchanged without judging. Differences are allowed to exist. There is no such thing as thé truth. There are just several realities.

Especially because the attendants have various backgrounds, the number of participants is limited.

What's in it for you?

Your benefits:

  • The awareness that your own personal convictions depend on different contexts and roles;
  • You learn how to use different spiritual information sources;
  • Asking questions from an appreciative perspective leads to reflection, connection and positive insights;
  • Looking to casuistry from a renewing perspective;
  • Personal growth and professional development are integrated;
  • You will be able to handle different views and opinions during a dialogue;
  • You become a refreshing source of inspiration for your colleagues;
  • You meet interesting new people and extend your network.


During 2 days, original and interesting themes will be subject in the meeting.

Day 1

On day 1, the organizational context is the leading theme. Subjects that will come up:

  • Theoratical sources of inspiration;
  • Social constructivism;
  • Spiritual leadership;
  • Linear and circular development proces: for example beliefs, used by the Maya's;
  • The "Hexagon", a construction in which the personal level is integrated in the various contexts, including the own organizational context. Therefore each participant prepares a practical assignment. During day 1 the organizational context will be focussed on. In which context does the assignment takes place? We start by questioning of and by the participants themselves. What is the context and its value in reaching the goals in the job situation? What are the dilemmas you face? How do they compare to the goals you want to achieve in your professional context?
  • During the final part of this day, Barbara van Kesteren introduces Appreciative Inquiry (AI) as a source of inspiration and a tool that connects in the professional context.

With each participant the appreciative interview about the practical assignment will be covered. Appreciative questioning and listening. The awareness from problem to perspective. This is developed by the use of the "Tree of Perspective".

Day 2

Day 2 focusses on the personal level. Reflection is the central subject to create a conscious deepening on the own personal beliefs with yourself and the other participants. Subjects covered during this day:

  • Reflection of personal beliefs to the varied perspectives of the old Dutch masters. During this session, self-images are used from different Dutch masters. Each participant chooses images as a mirror of his or her beliefs on their exposure. They will be examined and discussed on in small groups;
  • What is the meaning of the insights of the reflections in the personal level within the "Hexagon"?
  • You redescribe the organizational context of your practical assignment. This time you use the insights from day 1 and 2, on the basis of the Hexagon and AI and the dilemmas and their meaning for your personal beliefs, professional acting and role in the organization.

Location, stay, cost and daily care

The location of the Inspiration Meeting is Amsterdam Central Station. In only 20 minutes easy accessible by train from Schiphol Airport. From here, you can walk directly into the monumental center of Amsterdam and visit lots of interesting historical places like the Rijksmuseum or Rembrandt house.

We want to enable you to arrange a desired stay yourself. So choose a hotel or other accommodation that suits you best. Of course we can help you with your reservation. Just ask!

The price for the Inspiration meeting itself is only € 995,00 excl. VAT.

On both days, a nice lunch is included. At the end of day one we include a fine dinner. During the sessions, sufficient coffee, tea and other refreshments are available for free.

You also receive all handouts of both days. So you don't have to take notes and can entirely focus on the sessions and discussions.

One condition that really matters

If you want to get the maximum out of this valuable Inspiration Meeting, you have to be prepared to give yourself and must be willing to examine within the setting of all participants.

How do you participate?

Participation is easy. Send an email to me, Eric Godschalk, and I wil contact you as soon as possible. If you want me to help you with your stay or have any other questions, please put those in the same email.